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Disclaimer: my webpage has not been updated for months, it should undergo a drastic redesign by the end of the year (probably over the Christmas holidays, if you need recent info, contact me directly)

Research Interests

I am interested in the interactions between Computer Science and Philosophy, especially on ontological issues regarding the mind, which leads me to questions in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology. I also investigate the validity of such reasoning through the scope of Metaphysics and History of Science.


Philosophy: explanatory gap; consciousness; qualia; metaphysics; scientific knowledge and reasoning; creativity; (meta)logic; linguistics.

Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology: brain-computer interfaces; introspection; perception; linguistics; individual and collective consciousness / unconsciousness; self;

Theoretical Computer Science: computational complexity; information theory; representationalism; levels of abstraction; artificial intelligence; machine learning; metalearning; metamathematics; history of mathematics and computer science.

I hold a Master's Degree in theoretical computer science from Aix-Marseille Université and I am currently enrolled for a PhD in philosophy at ENS, under the supervision of Uriah Kriegel (Institut Nicod).


People often ask why I live in Marseille while doing my PhD in Paris. I am married to Sacha Raoult (check out his new network Computational Social Sciences) and together we raise our two children under the sunny & blue skies of Marseille!

christmas family picture